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Call Your County Commissioner Today!

Let your representatives know that you don't want to see Bosque County ruined by wind turbines and corporate greed

Show up at the Commissioners Court Meeting on Monday

mornings at 9:00 am at the Bosque County Courthouse. Be sure to sign in and make a statement opposing the wind turbines

Bosque County Judge:

     Cindy Vanlandingham (254)435-2382 Ext 6

District 1:

      Billy Hall  (254)435-2285

District 2

     Terry Townley  (254)797-4242

District 3

     Larry Phillip  (254)675-8410


     Ronnie Lairdon (254)-675-8937

Tell your commissioner that Bosque County needs to adopt resolutions restricting the construction of wind turbines. To protect the citizens and future of Bosque County, we need:

  1.  A resolution prohibiting the granting of tax abatement to wind turbine companies

  2. A resolution requiring a 1.5 mile setback from any wind turbine to any residential structure

  3. A resolution mandating a building height restriction of 80 feet above ground level

  4. The establishment of an up-front fund by any wind company in an amount to ensure adequate clean-up and removal of wind turbines at the end of their life. This fund is to be maintained and controlled by Bosque County

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